Chairman's Message
Business education is at cross-roads. The recent global economic downturn is a blessing in disguise. It has put to test all Business Schools and their faculty and students, and only the best will survive in the long run. The common goal is therefore to achieve excellence.

One way to achieve excellence is to upgrade our student admission process, improve our academics and strive for best available placement for our students. The most difficult part is to improve academics. Business Schools must ensure participation of Business Managers, while improving business education. This is exactly what Apex Institute of Management and Research (AIMR), Indore is doing. We are determined to bridge the gap between theory and application. Each of our courses will have a real-life industry project, guided by an Industry Manager. We will ensure that what we teach is required bythe industry, and what the industry requires is taught by us.
Curricula Development will be another ongoing process, ensuring participation of Business Managers. Only business-relevant courses will be taught, through industry participation and following a highly relevant content. Industry-led Workshops will be conducted in areas like Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations.   

AIMR adheres to strict code of confidentiality with regards to our students' personal information. These declarations are clearly communicated via our program material and form an important part of our employee confidentiality undertaking. All these measures are put into daily practice by knowledgeable, confident, caring, responsible and efficient staff who form the backbone of our program management team. As professionals who are dedicated to your development and upgrading needs, we look forward to being your institution of choice.

I invite the industry, academia, faculty and students to be a part of this sparkling growth.

With the unprecedented growth in the global economy and emerging economic and technological changes, the pace has become the key to success. This pace has given rise to great opportunities for development of newer methodologies in the field of management. With companies growing, opportunities are also increasing as well, companies are looking for management graduates, who with their fresh insights and innovative ideas can develop strategies for sustainable growth. Apex Institute of Management and Research (AIMR), Indore intends to contribute to this challenging situation by providing cutting edge knowledge to its students.

Students need the skills to keep pace with the world. We train our students and make them more versatile, were in theoretical knowledge is combined with extensive hands-on-training, We at AIMR intends to mould the young talented minds in to ingenious and insightful professionals, ready to embark upon challenging careers.

We welcome the desired aspirants to revolutionize themselves, by joining AIMR.

Secretary's Message
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